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Installation. The correct and durable operation of the device, as well as the preservation of the manufacturer's warranty, begin with the correct installation. Most manufacturers publish separate installation instructions for built-in and freestanding cooktops, ovens and cookers or add this information in the main owner’s manual.

Using. Both modern and old hobs, rangetops, ovens and microwaves have an intuitive interface that allows you to immediately start using the device for its purpose. However, in the addition to basic tasks, manufacturers equip appliance with numerous additional features and operation modes. In order to fully unlock the potential of cooking appliances and use all the functions provided by the manufacturer, we recommend that you carefully study the ‘Use & Care’ section of the documentation.

Maintenance. Caring for the device, cleaning, disassembling and reassembling in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations will allow the gas, electric and dual-fuel stove, cooking range or oven to last much longer and perform its functions exactly as you expect. Read specified section of the instruction or service manual for your device.

Troubleshooting. Errors and malfunctions may indicate some problems. Do not immediately contact the call center. Owner can determine the cause of the most frequent problems on his own and eliminate it using the manufacturer's recommendations from the troubleshooting section of user guide.


Finding a document for your household appliance model consists of a few simple steps:

  • Find out the manufacturer. Usually the name of the manufacturer is in the front of the device.
  • Find out the device model. This information can be either on the front side of the product or on a special label.
  • Use the site navigation to view available manuals for the specified device model from the selected manufacturer.

Some instructions are suitable for a number of models of household appliances, which have slight differences. Even if you have not found a model that exactly matches yours, use options that are close in spelling and missing few letters or digits.